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About Us

SolarHub is brought to you by SolarNexus, SolarTech, and SolarPro magazine.  It supports the goals of all three organizations to accelerate the adoption of solar energy by providing key information to technical professionals, streamlining industry processes, and removing market barriers.

provides software that makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to install, manufacture, and sell solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the solution understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eliminating inefficiencies and facilitating collaboration among project team members. SolarNexus is completely Web-based and is free to installers for up to 10 users.

, an initiative of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, is a collaborative organization formed to create a Solar Center of Excellence in Silicon Valley. The purpose is to identify and resolve technical and market barriers to solar technology by addressing issues of performance, processes, standards, and workforce readiness.  The SolarTech consortium's industry-spanning collection of products, services and processes will assure member companies achieve faster time to market, with lower risk, and higher consumer adoption of solar powered systems. 

Independently published by solar industry veterans, SolarPro is a technical training resource available by free subscription to qualifying professionals. Written and edited by and for North American system engineers, designers, integrators and installers, each bimonthly issue delivers a previously unavailable perspective on equipment, tools, safety and best practices for optimizing both photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.