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SEE Report

SEE Reports via Web Services

Qualified application providers can integrate the generation of  SolarTech's Solar Energy Estimate (SEE) Reports into their application using application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by Access to the APIs is only provided to qualified parties who have a valid API access key.

API keys can be requested from SolarNexus, Inc.  Send an Email to including the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number and email address
  • Description of your intended use, including who will have access to, and use the features consuming the APIs

API documentation is available here.


  1. DOES NOT SAVE ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION about any user generating a SEE Report.  SolarHub does reserve the right to track number of reports generated by zip code.
  2. All Manufacturer names and product model numbers are taken from the California Energy Commission's master list of approved equipment.