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Welcome to SolarHub

SolarHub is a free reference database of product specification data used by professionals in the solar energy market. 

SolarHub provides a one-stop shop for detailed product information.  You can browse and filter listed products by a variety of attributes specific to each product type, saving a lot of time when compared to accessing the same data via manufacturer websites, datasheets, or printed distributor catalogs. Consistent format and data further facilitates comparisons.

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SolarTech's Solar Energy Estimate (SEE) Report

Solar contractors employ a variety of tools to size systems and provide detailed quotations for prospective customers. Differences in the methodologies, assumptions, and output presentations of these individual tools can make consumer comparisons difficult. SolarTech's Solar Energy Estimate Report (SEE Report) is an initiative to simplify consumer buying decisions by providing a common report to consumers.

The SEE Report’s standardized performance calculations and simplified report format designed to provide a “good faith estimation” that solar contractors or consumers can use to present and compare solar system proposals. Contractors should consider providing a SEE Report with all of their proposals as a complement to their existing tools.

"Your mileage may vary." Just like the EPA’s new vehicle MPG rating system, the SEE report isn’t an absolute prediction (or guarantee) of forecasted performance. Its real value is as a relative comparison across multiple system proposals in an easily understood consumer friendly report format. SolarTech believes this will streamline and promote faster consumer buying decisions.

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